Dr. O’Daniel

Chris Beecher

“Dr. Ross is a tremendous retinal surgeon.  From the moment you contact the office and converse with the staff you realize this is a professional medical office unlike any other.  Dr. Ross exudes professionalism, intelligence, and compassion.  This office respects your time and their office is immaculate with state of the art equipment.  Her skills and diagnostic ability is unsurpassed. She is able to communicate clearly, confidently and she will answer your questions.  Her ability to educate and visually project your retinal photos and scans on a large TV monitor allows any patient to understand his or her retinal disease.  She then conveys the proper course of treatment for your ocular condition.   She repaired a horseshoe tear in my left eye and a retinal hole in my right eye with a navigated laser. Due to bilateral vitreous detachments, I was left with a Weiss Ring floater in both eyes (a dense obnoxious round floater). Because of Dr. Ross is a floater specialist she informed me during a consultation that my floaters with within safe treatable areas and she could treat them with a laser. If you have been diagnosed with a Weiss ring or dense floater by your eye care professional, I urge you to visit her. If treatable she can significantly reduce the size and density of your floater within 30 minutes with a laser and it is painless. The technology is truly amazing and she has the skills and experience to assure a safe treatment. Very few clinics perform this procedure because this laser is very expensive. It is obvious that her goal is to provide all patients with the best care, technology, and equipment available. Not all floaters can be treated but urge you to call their office if floaters are reducing your quality of life like mine did. My vision is now wonderful. Without her excellent diagnostic abilities, I would have had significant visual impairment if not for her excellent surgical competency.  I will be eternally grateful to Dr. Ross and the Global Retinal team (Laura, Robin & Jordan). I would recommend Dr. Ross to anyone in need of a retinal consultation, surgery and or laser vitreolysis (laser floater treatment).”